Ground Calcium Carbonate

Our uncoated Ground Calcium Carbonate is made from pure white sorted raw material. It is milled and classified in international standard ball mills and China mills according to customer requirements. As a result, it gives exceptional whiteness, high opacity and ultra smooth finish to final products.


  • SC 3200
  • SM 2900

Coated Calcium Carbonate

Our range of coated Calcium Carbonate is manufactured and developed under strict quality control management system. Our injector based pin coating machines give accurate percentage of surface coating of steric acid to satisfy customer application and requirements accordingly.


  • AMC A1
  • AMC A2
  • AMC A3

Optical Brightener

We have a range of Optical Brighteners used in various industries. Our Optical Brightener has high brightening intensity and strong fluorescence which carries good resistance to high tempetaures.


  • 6NY
  • 7YK

CPE 135A

CPE is a rigid PVC impact modifier with good anti-caking plasticity,low temperature softening and good mechanical property. It can be used in PVC and rubber applications. Our CPE has very less calcium content which gives excellent strength, elastibility and has good filler acceptance. By adding our CPE to the product, the product gives excellent resistance to different climatic conditions, fire and chemicals.


  • K9

Titanium Dioxide

We offer an exceptional high quality Titanium Dioxide which is unmatchable in perfomance with a very reasonable price. Our Titanium Dioxide is outstanding in quality standards. The product is always a better choice in comparison to most products available in the market. It is better than most of the international Titanium Dioxide brands. Customers can test Titanium Dioxide for its strength, opacity, white tone and gloss in our laboratory.


  • 2003
  • G-10

Dolomite Powder

We are a prominent supplier of fine Dolomite Powder which is majorly used as filler in paints and PVC. This is a customer specific product so customization is always available. We source the stone from the best mines in different parts of India so that consistency always remains the same.


  • SS 1000